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Original People, Hidden Talents

This week on Original People Hidden Talents, I interview a Tulsa beatboxxer. Listen to how dope he sounds and learn about how he got started.


90’s kid & Proud

Aw, when times were more simple. When all I cared about was the Dixie Chicks and gel pins. When the boy’s rocked frosted tips and shark tooth chokers.

This music video is a serious problem. The fact that my elementary school boyfriend wrote down this entire song on a note then gave it me for Valentine’s Day is an even bigger problem.

Don’t even get me started on cartoons. I actually get really upset.

If you don’t have a genuine relationship with Harry Potter than chances are you weren’t born in the ’90s.

If you didn’t have crimper then you probably weren’t born in the ’90s.

I would pay serious money if I ever came across one of these again.

Our kids will never know the sounds a Furby makes, or know what it feels like to push in a VHS tape into a VCR. They will never know the greatest love story alive, Corey and Tapanga.

This, this right here, was some serious shit.

If you learned everything you know from the MTV show Undressed, chances are you were born in the ’90s. If you were born in the ’90s you know how to do The Carlton. If you were born in the ’90s then you know that the best part of P.E involved either a rainbow colored parachute or cup stacking. If you were educated by Bill Nye or The Magic School Bus you were born in the ’90s. If you still have your Beanie Babies or Pokemon cards chances are you were born in the 90’s.

It’s the truth.

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things of mine

I guess you can call me artsy fartsy.

Inspiration is hard to come by. Give me a paint brush or some markers and set me free.

Aspire to Inspire


With all the new speculation around the twitter-sphere, there is no wonder that @whitegirlproblems has hit a new high. Babe Walker, the infamous Babe Walker has wrote a book. Who is Babe? I wish I fucking knew. She is the faceless name behind @whitegirlproblems, behind her book, behind her fab-blog… I could go on, but I will leave the Googling to you. Seriously though, try Googling this bitch’s name, you will not find a single valid picture of her.

When I learned more about Babe I found out I might be a little like the Oklahoma version of her. If Oklahoma could produce such a vain thing, I come close to it. When I read the chapter of her book she has posted on her blog I found the only other person in the world that sketches out their outfits before they wear them. You could call her my faceless lesbian crush.

Her Fashion Sex Tape

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give me love, love, love, love, crazy love

I am getting so effing sappy over this song right now.

Crazy Love -Van Morrison

my friends are on point

Thank you , Dallas, TX.

Happy 21 Meg.

Let me tell you bout it.

I raged.

The End.

Oh and I just accepted an internship with the BOK Event Center. Say hello to my new office.

these lights will inspire you

& these are my feeling toward school starting back up.



SUPPLIES: Cardboard, Scissors, Glue, and Magazines.


-By Noelle Keeley

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when you think you’re a flower child

There is a lifestyle.

A lifestyle of three day concerts, hipster attire, and nonstop dubstep. I think there is a portion of my generation that is completely and utterly jealous that they didn’t get to spend their 20’s in the 70’s. So we have become almost completely obsessed with recreating it ourselves. Bonnaroo, Coachella, and Wakarusa (to name the least) have filled our weekends with a Woodstock-wannabe aroma. And well, WE CANT GET ENOUGH OF IT!

done and done

done with finals, and home for the holidays

home is where the heart is, and home is where home-made meals are.

lets get soft ya’ll

“I would be so fat if I went to Hogwarts” -Waddie Wunsch

this is as emo as I could get

Sorry, ya’ll I am on a 90’s kick, major.

zeedus lapeedus that song was so good.