by Noelle Keeley

With all the new speculation around the twitter-sphere, there is no wonder that @whitegirlproblems has hit a new high. Babe Walker, the infamous Babe Walker has wrote a book. Who is Babe? I wish I fucking knew. She is the faceless name behind @whitegirlproblems, behind her book, behind her fab-blog… I could go on, but I will leave the Googling to you. Seriously though, try Googling this bitch’s name, you will not find a single valid picture of her.

When I learned more about Babe I found out I might be a little like the Oklahoma version of her. If Oklahoma could produce such a vain thing, I come close to it. When I read the chapter of her book she has posted on her blog I found the only other person in the world that sketches out their outfits before they wear them. You could call her my faceless lesbian crush.

Her Fashion Sex Tape

Inspiration Found